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With my years of experience, I conduct in depth and entertaining interviews & discussions.

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"Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation since XLVI A.S."

9sense Podcast Archive - XLVI A.S. - LI A.S. The best Satanic podcast period. Listen Now - 9sense continues to define the Greater Satanic Conversation.

About Reverend Campbell

Reverend Campbell has been creating Satanic media since XLVI A.S. (2011 C.E.) He is a Satanist and Priest in the Church of Satan.

His first Satanic project, 9sense Podcast, ran from XLVI A.S. to LI A.S. He is an active contributor to the Church of Satan and The Black Flame with both written and video essays. His current YouTube live streaming vidcast is Speak of the Devil.

Join him as he continues to define the Greater Satanic Conversation.

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