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We Satanists were not born in a vacuum of Satanic thought and action. We are the latest in A Legacy of Heresy. From the very beginning of civilization there were those individuals that refused to accept the commonly held beliefs of the time, bucking societal norms and challenging established dogma be it from religious, scientific, literary or other institutional sources. Some of these individuals were tortured, outcast or murdered for questioning all things, an idea that is integral to what it means to be a Satanist.

A Legacy of Heresy is a celebration of those individuals that lived life on their terms, passing wisdom down through the ages, and lived life to the fullest!

Featured Heretics

Apparel Line

Speak of the Devil, with support from its Benefactori Patreon patrons Aura DeWolfe and D.A. Marshall, has conceptualized the latest patron reward offering. We wanted a way for those who are not open in their affiliation with the Church of Satan or identities as Satanists to be able to celebrating their affiliations without showing their proverbial horns. We also wanted something to wear that was comfortable and shared our Satanic aesthetic, without being overtly Satanic. We came up with this A Legacy of Heresy t-shirt line which consists of 9 t-shirts featuring a different heretic from our collective history.