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Priestess Josephine Seven, Small Avatar

Professionalism: On Professional Writing

Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell discusses Professionalism: On Professional Writing with Priestess Josephine Seven. Together they will be examining the importance of your writing, and how it reflects on you as an individual. They will be covering topics like target audience, acronyms and buzzwords, active and passive voice, editing and more!  This Professionalism …

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Mill D North in Winter, Wasatch Mountains, Utah


Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell discusses Winter. This is the darkest and coldest season–yet it resonates so strongly with us as a culture because of the holidays, familial connection and nostalgia from childhood. Watch live and join in on the discussion from holidays to traditions, and winter activities to changing weather patterns.

Warlock Milton Cruver

Jurassic Resurrection

Speak of the Devil discusses Jurassic Resurrection with Warlock Milton Cruver. Is there any Satanic responsibility to the other species on this planet? What does a Satanist think about bringing back extinct species? How does this translate to eugenics? You can learn more about Warlock Milton Cruver by visiting his podcast’s website raisinghellpodcast.wordpress.com.