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My primary goal with Speak of the Devil is to deliver a positive and professionalweekly, live Satanic podcast. I have created various levels that will allow me to accomplish this through your patronage. Please take a moment and review the levels below to learn more.

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Hail Satan!

– Reverend Campbell

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About Speak of the Devil

Speak of the Devil is a weekly live-streaming Satanic video podcast, hosted by Reverend Campbell. It features interviews of notable Satanists, long form Satanic discussions, Satanic game shows, video blogs, Satanic video essays, and more! You can stay informed about upcoming shows by signing up to the email list found here:

About Reverend Campbell

Reverend Campbell has been creating Satanic media since XLVI A.S. (2011 C.E.) He is a Satanist and Priest in the Church of Satan. His first Satanic project, 9sense Podcast, ran from XLVI A.S. to LI A.S. He is an active contributor to the Church of Satan and The Black Flame with both written and video essays. You can find all of his current and past projects on his website Join him as he continues to define the Greater Satanic Conversation.