Magister David Harris and Jessy Dubai

Sex Trafficking

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Perspectives. Reverend Campbell is joined by Magister David Harris and Jessy Dubai to discuss Sex Trafficking. With more than 40 million in slavery today, this is not an artifact of our past, but rather a very real function of our modern society.

Join live and share your thoughts on modern slavery and sex trafficking. Learn about the consequences of false accusations and the realities of slavery in our world.

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Opening mOnologue

I have to be honest with you, and perhaps this is the most honest way of looking at this issue. I personally find the idea of owning another human being repulsive. If you can’t get another human to willingly act in your self interest, you’re a shitty magician. But more so we all are living in an America that has benefited immensely from it. I’m not talking about southern field hand slavery, though they did,  I’m talking about the men and women who built this country, the immigrants that were coerced and forced to work off the debt of their immigration. The men who built this country didn’t have days off, vacations, TV or air conditioning. They were slaves to the corporations and contractors who controlled their very lives. If it weren’t for them paving the way for the industrial revolution, we would all be farmhands, most of us would be dead, and the only influences wouldn’t be on Instagram, they would be from the radio or a book that was passed down as an heirloom. Our wealth as a nation is in exploitation. The gadget you use to communicate with, the shoes on your feet, hell the food you are eating is more likely imported, and priced just right due to the indigenous hardworking hands of… slaves than not.

Now I’m not trying to make you feel bad about buying the most inexpensive version of a thing that you hope will fill that vacant hole deep inside you; that thing that you hope will make your peers go ooh and aah. And I’m not suggesting that by buying that meaningless trinket you are somehow contributing to the problem, but you are, hell, so am I. And that’s my point here. Slavery continues to exist, because we look the other way. We know there are human rights abuses occurring right under our noses, and no one is free from that stench. We know that cheap goods from other countries are cheap for a reason, and we only care when it’s time to make a social media post, or perform a show about it. And how can we feel guilty when were not the ones doing it, were not the ones enslaving other humans or trafficking them, but here’s the nasty bit. We ARE.

Through our collective actions we have voted for slavery time and time again. Every day with our dollar. When you get your nails done or a massage. When you go to a restaurant or a strip club. Not all of them, not even the majority of them, and there’s the rub (see what I did there?) we don’t care enough to find out. Whatever the form the happy ending may take, we just lay back, curl our toes and let it happen. We’re the problem. And for some of you — well you may have been able to claim ignorance, and until this very moment I envied you. But you don’t have an excuse any more. Tonight’s show is all about modern slavery, specifically sex trafficking and I’ve got two fantastic co-hosts joining me for the discussion. 

Our first guest this evening is David Harris, a Magister in the Church of Satan, and the owner of Dave’s Custom Media.  His short film, Creepy Bastard starring Sonia Harcourt & Heidee Nytes, is currently nominated for Favorite Fetish Short Film at the 2019 Fetish Awards.  Thank you for joining us David.

Our second guest is Jessie Dubai, a model, entertainer and porn star who has been featured in more than 150 films. She performs all over the country and has been gracious enough to join us and talk about her industry and her personal struggle with being wrongfully accused and fully exonerated of sex trafficking. How are you my dear?