Reverend Adam P Campbell, Priest in the Church of Satan
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About Reverend Campbell

Reverend Campbell has been creating Satanic media since XLVI A.S. (2011 C.E.) He is a Satanist and Priest in the Church of Satan. His first Satanic project, 9sense Podcast, ran from XLVI A.S. to LI A.S. He is an active contributor to the Church of Satan and The Black Flame with both written and video essays. You can find all of his current and past projects on his website Join him as he continues to define the Greater Satanic Conversation.

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Brief Bio

Reverend Campbell was raised in a Mormon household. He was told stories about ‘devil worshipers’ who gatherer in a small forest near his home as a child, and who would sacrifice animals, performing unspeakable acts. This was the height of the ‘Satanic Panic’ and the notion of devils in the woods would forever fascinate him.

In 7th grade he was tasked with writing an essay on a religion. One of his friends offered the idea of Satanism, claiming that his brother had The Satanic Bible, and that he would bring it to school the next day, so that he could write about it. His friend didn’t appear the next day with The Satanic Bible, claiming his brother would beat him up for taking it, and being afraid of handling it. This only fascinated him more about the promises of a forbidden, terrifying, and sacrilegious tome.

In 11th grade he bought his first copy of The Satanic Bible from a bookstore and immediately connected with the religion, claiming his religion as Satanism from that moment forward. He was ostracized by family and friends immediately and for years to follow because of this choice to align himself with the very Devil that had fascinated him his entire life.

While he was in the U.S. Army he heard of the Doktor’s passing and immediately submitted his application for membership in the Church of Satan as a sign of respect and affiliation. Years later, after his service, college and while he was earning a name for himself professionally, he would submit his active membership and began producing Satanic content.