Greater Satanic Conversation

What is the Greater Satanic Conversation?

The Greater Satanic Conversation was defined by Reverend Campbell for the Church of Satan Year 50 International Member Conclave in Washington D.C. It is a tool used to combat the lies spread by shit disturbers and pseudo-satanists who attempt to redefine, repurpose or intentionally mislead the public about Satanism.

Within this site, you will find the presentation Reverend Campbell gave, Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation, as well as resources for true Satanic philosophy and action.

Satanism was codified by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966 C.E. (1 A.S.), and has remained the sole viable philosophy for freethinkers and itheists across the globe. In its 50 year history, Satanism has never changed or been altered in any way, which is a testament to it’s relevance. For more information, visit and read The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Scriptures.

Greater Satanic Conversation’s Definition

gerund phrase  |  great•er sa•tan•ic con•ver•sa•tion  |  \ˈgrã-tər\ \sə-ˈta-nik, sã-\ \ˌkän-vər-ˈsã-shən\

: The definitive expression of Satanism in society.

About the Greater Satanic Conversation

Where It Came From

The idea of the Greater Satanic Conversation came out of Reverend Campbell’s 9sense Podcast. The discussion was based around controlling your individual conversation both online in social media, and offline in your personal and professional lives.

We tend to see ourselves one way, projecting our image to the world, but it is quite often received in a different, and at times dramatically different manner.

Controlling our individual conversations is at the very core of what it means to be a Satanist. The manipulation of the world around you through the use of Lesser Magic comes naturally to a Satanist. Sometimes effectively using it can have a learning curve.

The Compleat Witch or What to do When Virtue Fails by Anton Szandor LaVey was released in 1971 c.e. (Common Era). It outlined in great detail the practice of Lesser Magic. It was later released as The Satanic Witch in 1989 c.e. I highly recommend the book to both men and women alike, it is an essential volume for every Satanist.

Later I would see pseudo-satanists in the media, acting the fool and bringing Satanism down to their childish level in the public sphere. It stood to reason that if we can control our individual conversation, we could control the Satanic conversation that is being had in the media. The difference being, the media is already having a Satanic conversation which is being defined by these pseudo-satanic pretenders. If we are going to reclaim control of the Satanic conversation, we need to have a Greater Satanic Conversation.

Dissecting the Definition

Before we can have any conversation, we need to understand what we are talking about. This is why Reverend Campbell defined the Greater Satanic Conversation. The formal definition: The definitive expression of Satanism in society, is deceptively simple, and yet speaks volumes about its intent and purpose.

By using the word ‘definitive’, we are stating upfront and clearly that we are speaking about the only codified understanding of Satanism, not some derivative of it, or some poorly manufactured mumbo jumbo. Satanism was codified in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1969 c.e. Prior to it’s release, there had never been a formal institution or organization that self identified as Satanists, Satanic or practiced a religion of Satanism. This is important to understand as it irrefutably proclaims Anton Szandor LaVey created the religion of Satanism, and thus The Satanic Bible is the only legitimate understanding of Satanism.

The second part of the Greater Satanic Conversation’s definition that is important to examine is the word ‘expression’. Satanism is at it’s core, about living life. Again a deceptively simple idea, you’ll see that a lot in Satanism. It means championing your vital existence and engaging in the world on your terms to meet and achieve goals you define. This can mean you withdraw from society completely or you work undercover to manipulate society. This is an important point to understand: Satanism is about living, not bloviating your person in social media, or solely engaging with the world through it.

The Importance of the Greater Satanic Conversation

Why have it?

There is a Satanic conversation being had with or without us. Pseudos, detractors and pretenders are currently attempting to redefine and overtly misrepresenting Satanism. This means that whenever someone hears the word Satanism, they don’t think about Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible, or even you, they think of some asshat in a superhero helmet yelling at a building or making out over a gravestone. Whether you like, agree, accept or recognize it, the world at large does.

The only way to combat this overt attempt at destroying Satanism, is to have the Greater Satanic Conversation.

How it relates back to the definition.

We have to remember, definitions are very much dynamic in the public’s mind. When what is seen and used as an online encyclopedia is able to be edited by anyone at any time, truth is what your friend told you, not necessarily reality. We live in a world where journalists don’t even fact check, but take the smallest controversial soundbite and build a narrative around that. In this context, ‘definitive’ means whatever any pseudo wants it to mean.

If these shit disturbers are allowed to run with their nonsense, Satanic ‘expression’ will be public displays of nonsense for socio-political agendas, rather than composing emotionally charged music. It will be inappropriate statues in the public sphere rather than the intimate kiss of lovers in their total environment or ridiculous satanic coloring books in schools in the place of manipulating your environment to achieve personal goals.

Satanism isn’t sitting online typing a cruel response to some social media post, or collecting as many ‘evil’ friends or celebrities into your friends list, it’s living life and making your mark on the world.

Participate in the Greater Satanic Conversation

On Walpurgisnacht 1966 c.e. (Year 1 A.S.) Anton Szandor LaVey declared the beginning of the Age of Fire and established the Church of Satan. From that moment until now the Church of Satan has been the sole participants in the Greater Satanic Conversation. On a global scale, there can be no one better or more qualified than our previous High Priest, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey, or our current High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore in leading the conversation. But I wouldn’t expect my High Priest to confront or correct every pseudo I encounter in life misrepresenting Satanism. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • First, by having a conversation with a pseudo about Satanism, you are putting them on the same level of authority as yourself. Rather than correcting misinformation, you are now having a debate about it, about what it means, and if it can be used for socio-political ends.
  • Second, the administration of the Church of Satan simply doesn’t have the time or capacity to scour the web and every street corner addressing these pretenders.

The reality is, if you are a Satanist, it’s your individual responsibility to correct misinformation if you hear or see it. But remember, this isn’t a mandate and you don’t have to be an ‘out’ Satanist in order to participate in the Greater Satanic Conversation.

Let Others Do the Work for You

I have confided in family, close friends, and coworkers in the past that I am a Satanist. I asked for their discretion and privacy, and because I used my best judgement in choosing them, they respect my wishes. They have asked questions through the years and I have openly and honestly answered them. Not one of them self identifies as a Satanist, and most don’t even fall in line with a fraction of the Satanic ideals that inform my life.

I have on more than one occasion been told how they at different times, have heard others talking about Satanism incorrectly or accusing Satanists of illegal or inappropriate activity, and they have corrected them. They have used the ‘I know someone’, ‘I have a friend’ or ‘I have read’ prefixes to correct or debunk the lies. These non-Satanists are contributing to the Greater Satanic Conversation.

It is in this way the secret Satanist can also contribute. Directing people to the website, or suggesting they read The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Scriptures, or simply correcting misinformation on-the-spot with truth that you ‘heard’ in no way out’s you, and is a clandestine way of participating.

Lead by Example

For those of us who are comfortable being public Satanists, it is our individual responsibility to not only correct misinformation, but to also live as paragon’s of Satanism. There are a number of ways you can do this that all contribute to the Greater Satanic Conversation. Below are two:

  • Be a respectful, responsible member of your community. Obey the laws of the society you live in, and own your aesthetic. Suddenly any negative image of a Satanist is turned into your positive image. This doesn’t mean you have to like or be kind to anyone, simply live your life as a Satanist, as you naturally would. It will be apparent to those around you.
  • When appropriate or others ask, let them know how Satanism has enriched your human experience. How does Satanism inform your passions and help you achieve your goals? These are the keys to shattering the lies, as you cannot argue with individual success and expression. Do not proselytize, this is antithetical to Satanism.

Contributors to the Greater Satanic Conversation

Below you will find some of the most influential participants in the Greater Satanic Conversation. If you feel you should be represented or you know someone who should be that is not listed, please email

Church of Satan Logo designed by Reverend Campbell
Church of Satan Logo designed by Reverend Campbell

The Church of Satan has been the sole voice and defender of Satanism from the beginning. Our High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore represents the organization with dignity and authority.

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