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What Is It?

From the Devil’s Lips is a social media lip sync challenge series.

How Does It Work?

One Satanic content creator calls out another, from the approved list with their @username and the hashtag #FromTheDevilsLips, including the URL for the videos and voting (


“I’m calling you out @milton.cruver Let’s see what you’ve got! #FromTheDevilsLips
Check out my video and vote for me”

The called out content creator responds with the challengers @username and the hashtag #FromTheDevilsLips, including the URL for the videos and voting (

Each challenge will last one week.  The winner will be announced on the channel and social media, at which point the winner calls out the next person.

What is Required?

This can be filmed on any camera, and the video can be hosted on your own YouTube channel or the Speak of the Devil YouTube channel.

Each video must have the name of the lip sync performer, the name of the song, the original performer of the song, the hashtag #FromTheDevilsLips and the URL to vote ( in the description.


“Reverend Campbell  performs Attitude by Guns N’ Roses. #FromTheDevilsLips
Vote for me here:

Any links to your social media accounts and relevant tags in the video are encouraged.

Remember to be creative. This is meant to be fun!

Want to Perform?

If you would like to contribute to this social lip sync challenge, email Reverend Campbell at for details.


Playlist URL:
Voting URL:

Hashtag: #FromTheDevilsLips
Optional Logo Use:

Speak of the Devil Presents From the Devil's Lips 1920x1080 Logo on Black
Speak of the Devil Presents From the Devil’s Lips 1920×1080 Logo