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Co-Creating and Producing Third Side on the Third Side Network

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

– Henry Ford

So It Began

I was hesitant to create any new project after 9sense. John H Shaw had repeatedly suggested that we collaborate on a project together. I knew if I were to start something new, it couldn’t take up as much of my time as 9sense had, and my partner, if I had one, must take on the bulk of the project.

These were the terms that I insisted on with John as we discussed the concept of Third Side. He was new into TDYK and I had years of experience with 9sense. He was always hesitant in starting something that might not work out, but I was comfortable with the idea of failure if there was a lessen to be learned.

So It Ended

After the first test episode, I expressed genuine fear and concern that this was not something that had legs. The premise we agreed to was flawed in execution and it ultimately was lacking in substance. John disagreed but was willing to let it end if I truly didn’t believe it had legs. My instincts were to let it die but I didn’t want to let a friend down so I told him I would give it three episodes. John didn’t like that idea but relented.

After the first three live shows I felt like it could be something that worked out but John and I continually struggled agreeing on guests and topics. After working nightly between shows I finally admitted this was far more work than it was worth, and I cancelled Third Side after six episodes.

I have heard he has revived Third Side on the Third Side Network, and I wish him nothing but the best of luck with it.