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Speak of the Devil is a live YouTube Satanic vidcast produced by Reverend Campbell, a Priest in the Church of Satan. As with any project worth it's salt, we appreciate hearing from the audience, whether they tune in and interact with the show live or watch after its airing. We would like to provide you with a medium for telling the producer and other current or future audience members what you think about the show.

Please use the form below to let us know what you think of Speak of the Devil. Thank you for your honesty and we hope to see you in the live show.

Hail Satan!

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 31 reviews
hells yeah!

I always enjoy the content coming from Rev Campbell! always funny, informative and well presented.

by R. Martinez on Speak of the Devil

Not only informational but also relative, balanced and humorous. Please don't stop.

by Mark Homera on Speak of the Devil
The Satanic Psychiatrist

What can I say about this show other than it really brought me into the darkness. I have identified as a Satanist for years now and have read all of Lavey's writings many times. However, Rev, Campbell has put so much more into my realization of who I am, and how to operate in this World as a Satanist than any other person I have ever met. He has truly gave me a push over the edge that I was needing. Not in my beliefs, but in how to put these beliefs to work.
His interviews are top notch as well and I look forward to them greatly.
Hail Satan

by Lolly on Speak of the Devil
Summer Time

I loved this episode. Was full of great stories and laughter. Reverend Campbell gives us the audience a peek into his world. Sharing his visceral experiences of summertime. It was fun interacting in the live show (Highly recommended), and sharing in the experience of summer. Also a sneak peek into upcoming projects. This show had me jubilant and was again a highlight of my week. A great pleasure. A definite must see.

by Hannah McDonald on Speak of the Devil
Awesome Show

All of Reverend Campbell's discussions and interviews are both entertaining and informative. I am looking forward to many more episodes. My favorite guest speaker so far has been Priestess Shannon Gausten. I hope to see her again in another episode and also hear from many new speakers in the future.

by Patrick DeMarko on Speak of the Devil

I really enjoy Adam's approach to an interview, he's genuine. The topics are on point and his commentary is relevant. In a community of individuals it's important to see what we're all doing ,and how we all create in our own universe. and what the fuck is wrong with that guy that does Christopher Walken.

by christopher martin on Speak of the Devil
enjoying watching

hi Rev Campbell:
just finished watching the interview with Magistra and Magus Nadramia and Gilmore respectively and thoroughly enjoyed. also enjoyed the interview with Magister Nemo as i am a member also of Temple of the Vampire.
looking forward to continued broadcasts

by Sylvia on Speak of the Devil
Reminiscing Therapy with Reverend Campbell and Witch Troj

This show was a delight. Satanism and psychology with time travel therapy, explained by Witch Troj. The power of perception and reminiscence with a bit of a existential view on total environments. How memory and ambience can aid the Satanist in ritual and everyday quality living. This show was very educational and once again Reverend Campbell
Brings a Satanic perspective on a down to earth, rational level. I recommend this show highly. Watch and interact with the live chat during the show. Tune in and sign on to the mailing list for show times and updates. Great content and a weekly pleasure of my week. 🙂

by Phillip on Speak of the Devil

Rev. Campbell continues to do great interviews with very interesting people, engaging in topics and discussions about all things diabolical.

by Lolly on Speak of the Devil
Indulgence Not Compulsion

Reverend Campbell's guest Witch Tania was a great see. Learned a lot about first phaser behavior and finding the balance between indulgence and compulsion. Witch Tania was beautiful smart and was very interesting to experience. Showing femininity and strength all in one. Again another great show. I definitely recommend it. HS!

by Ben H. on Speak of the Devil

Rev. Adam Campbell is as sharp witted as he is well dressed. Consistently providing entertaining and well thought discussions on multiple topics with some amazing guests along the way!

by Charles on Speak of the Devil

I love talk shows and this is my favorite next to shontie in the morning

by David canales on Speak of the Devil

I enjoy watching speak of the devil and I appreciate Reverend Campbell for what he does

by David LeMoine on Speak of the Devil
Indulgent Interviews

Rev. Campbell has been producing wonderfully professional content on the subject of Satanism for many years. Speak of the Devil, his latest contribution to the ongoing Satanic dialogue, is a fascinating look into the lives, thoughts, and artistry of many members of the Church of Satan. Highly recommended to those who share the beliefs of or are interested in learning more about Satanism.

Direct Access to the Elite

Reverend Campbell offers a dedicated and unique view into the elite members of the Church of Satan, himself included! He and his guests discuss a wide variety of topics important to each of us from a Satanic perspective. I have listened to the work put out by Reverend Campbell for many years now, and although the format changes from time to time, it is always done with excellence.

by Elizabeth on Speak of the Devil
Always a pleasure

RAC, your discussions and guests are always brilliant! Since subscribing the one i've enjoyed most has been this evenings episode with witch zaftig and her insights on religious history. Looking forward to many more! Hail Satan!

by Lolly on Speak of the Devil

It was a pleasure to see this guest. Incredible artist. This show keeps getting better. Reverand Campbell has wonderful taste in the artists he chooses for this show.

by The Odd Lifter on Speak of the Devil
Great episode!

Kevin I. Slaughter and you, Reverend Campbell, are my favorite satanist type folks in the public eye to hear talking, so this was a real treat even if I came in 46 minutes after the interview began. No big deal. I'll hear the rest when it's posted.

by Jimmy Vargas on Speak of the Devil
rev campbell

Reverend Campbell covers an incredible diversity in his podcasts....He is the Go to Guy, as to who is who in the Left Hand path spectrum.

by Hezb El Shaitan on Speak of the Devil
Ultras Reverend Campbell

Reverend Campbell's Speak of the Devil is one of the best Satanic programs out there. It raises the bar for aspiring Satanic creators. Adam is a master of his craft.

He is a role model Satanist, he is funny, charming, and a real gentleman. You always learn something new from watching his interactions with the guests. And his guests are always witty and pleasure to watch.

You can learn a lot about Satanism when you know about real life experience. Watching this show helped me to develop my Lesser Magic skills. I will continue to watch it for selfish reasons!

by Lolly on Speak of the Devil
Dr. Ing

I enjoyed this show. I like that We as the audience get to "meet" members of the Church of Satan that aren't as well known to us. We enjoyed the live chat which adds a new dimension to the show. Dr. Ing had some great insight into interpreting failures or mistakes as a learning tool, not something that stops individuals to just give up. His life story was interesting and very inspiring. I definitely love this show. It's educational, down to earth and offers a great opportunity to see Satanists as they are. Rational, pragmatic and human. To me it's great to have this show be informative and to help keep me focused on my studies. It challenges you to think and learn practical application. To me it's like going to "church" and I find myself uplifted andcrefreshed after a show. I definitely reccomend tuning in. It is the highlight of my week. I think more people could benefit from participating in this show.Sincerely Lolly

by Marci Nelson on Speak of the Devil
Highly recommended.

Reverend Campbell asks intelligent questions, he is highly informative, & has great Integrity! I thoroughly enjoy the podcasts, & do highly recommend this one, especially if someone is looking into Satanism. Thank you, Sir!Ave Satanas!

by David Padgett on Speak of the Devil
Fantastic Interviews

I have been listening to Reverend Campbell since the start of 9sense, and he consistently provides not only an entertaining show, but informative as well. Speak of the Devil seems like a natural progression from one show to another.
Very polished interview skills, but with a relaxed and intimate feel. He reaches out and acknowledges those who are engaging with the live chat, while not making the person being interviewed feel left out.

This is a person who knows who he is, how to convey his thoughts and actually enjoys talking to like minded individuals while they share who they are and where they came from.

Some of the interviews are at odd hours, but that is simply because he is taking the time to talk to his guests when they are available, making for sometimes difficult interviews, but still engaging, this makes it feel more relaxed.

I cant recommend Speak of the Devil Higher.

Kudos to you Rev. Campbell!

Hail Satan!

by Cucamonga41 on Speak of the Devil
Intelligent Entertaining and Thought Provoking

Excellent presentation of interesting topics. Intelligently discussed with emphasis on getting right to the heart of the matter and having fun doing it. Five Stars

by Bear LeAnn on Speak of the Devil
Speak of the Devil

I love tuning in every week. So informative and fun. Great time to learn and chat with other Satanist. Thank you for the great shows and guest.
Hail Satan

by Lolly on Speak of the Devil
Beautiful Music and The Difference Between Psychic Vampires and Lesser, Greater Magic

I loved the artist's, music. I definitely think it's worth checking out. I particularly liked the discussion between lesser magic psychic vampires and greater Magic and how to discern the difference. I feel that on the show the guests of the host have a great way of finding a way to define and explain to them about satanic practice in a way that is relatable two those who might not read fairly comprehensively. I like the way that they show examples of how and why they do what they do and how satanic perspective. I definitely recommend this show as a great way to see how others practice their art their passion and their magic. I also recommend the show for people who are new and trying to see how others put their satanic expression into action. This show is the highlight of my week.

by Jesse Newell on Speak of the Devil
Informative and entertaining!

Perfect amount of information and humor all in one! Rev Campbell is one of my favorite interviewers. HS


I find these discussions highly informative and always enjoyable!!!

by Lord Valefar on Speak of the Devil
The Best in the Biz!

Since the days of 9sense, all the way through the present, Reverend Campbell consistently provides the best, and most meaningful content in the "Great Satanic Conversation".

Anyone who is anyone gets interviewed by him and his voice is one of authority and commands great respect from his fans.

Thank you for all the work you do, for the time you take to shout out to those that follow you on-line and for being not just a great voice, but great face for Satanism.

May your black flame ever burn! Hail Satan!

by Lolly on Speak of the Devil
Fresh Faces and New Approaches

I find this show refreshing. Being able to interact live is pretty cool. It feels very easy going and intimate as if you were hanging out with Reverend Campbell and his guests listening to their discussion in the same room. I like the rants and find myself laughing a lot and nodding a lot while viewing the show. I like seeing new artists that somehow I missed, and seeing their new projects. I like to see how each person has their own unique way of using practical applications as a Satanist in their work and projects. I recommend this show as Reverend Campbell is a great teacher and I learn something new every time I'm able to tune in. I have never watched the show and felt like it was a waste of my time. Well done. Look forward to more episodes.

by Michael Bates on Speak of the Devil
Alder Strauss Interview

Another outstanding interview! Really enjoyed the topic of correcting detractors and their comments and the Satanist's responsibility to engage or not to engage those type of people and conversations. Great discussion with some very good points made. Hail Satan!