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06 February, XLVI A.S.

Show Notes

  1. Devil’s Advocate – The formation of the Church of Satan, & the 9 Satanic Statements.
  2. Infernal Informant – H.B.270 Rep. Lavar Christiensen.
  3. Creature Feature – I Spit on Your Grave.

Show Transcript

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I would like if I may to take you on a strange Journey.
Welcome to 9 sense. I’m your host Adam Campbell 9sense podcast devoted satanic perspective of our modern world. This is a recording of the original. I had some audio issues and well quite frankly it it was not salvageable. It’ll so I’m hoping I can sort of at least attempt to recreate what I had put together the first time.
First of all 9sense is a personal project of mine that no, I just didn’t feel like there was a commentary form.
Satanic podcast out there currently there was some that I used to listen to but they sort of just you know, they put themselves on Hiatus a little footnote is it there is radiofreesatan.com. If you want to check them out fantastic streaming live and you can also download the podcast individually.
I guess some contact information. You can find me on Ustream at Channel 9 sense or on Facebook. Just search 9sense.
All together no spaces and you should be able to locate it.
I’m also on the Satan net website and you can find on the forms there as well. I’m going to be coming to you every week.
In a format that’s broken. It just three distinct sections. So the first section is going to be Devil’s Advocate and that’s where I address for inform you about the Church of Satan as an organization. We’re going to start with how it was formed and why it was formed who was formed by and for and then sort of go into the basic ideas of what it means to be a Satanist or what Satan isn’t is as an organization.
After that section, I’m going to start up the infernal informant.
This is where I take modern events worldwide or local in the United States.
That’s sort of address them with the satanic perspective, you know, just sort of let people know from my point of view how how the world Works in turns and hopefully it’s entertaining. Hopefully, it’s something that you’re going to want to list. Do you know on a weekly basis? And the last section is Creature Feature where I will talk about a specific type of media whether it’s movies or music or books or form in art or does art work in general.
Whatever it is. I’m going to bring it to you because it holds within it some form of satanic perspective.
So if you see if team here you’re you’re picking up what I’m putting down there, you know being a Satanist means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and I guess I should take this opportunity to first and foremost explain that I’m a Satanist. I’m a member of the Church of Satan but I do not speak for the Turkish thing.
I’m not a representative of the Church of Satan at times my perspectives my points of view May differ with that of the organization. That is that you’re just saying and I don’t want anyone listening to think that you know, I speak for it as a whole because quite frankly. I don’t think anyone needs to speak for it speaks for itself quite well. So we’re going to do this week. Well hung out with a couple different friends. I Homebrewing so I bottled Scottish ale which I’m looking forward to in a couple months.
I put down the last of my Bohemian pilsner, which was quite good. I tested out the rice and wine that I had my wife and I had put together and last September. It’s still very young. It’s still probably got a good two years on it before see me we’re drinking but it’s okay. I mean the grapes themselves are will be this week.
And I like doing things, you know myself with my own hands like my wife and I just started up a garden last year after having sort of worked on our yard was in the VIN for a number of years to try to get it, you know to where we wanted it before we put the time and effort to voting for The Garden. I think it’s important that you have a form of a connection with
You know with the Earth.
you have to at some point go back to your ancestral roots and do things for yourself, you know, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing and benefiting from
What Society has developed?
But for me personally if I don’t have that connection with nature via tamping or hiking or gardening or making things with with fresh local ingredients, you know, like my my wine or my beer then I truly feel disconnected from my cell. You know, I just I just need that that bond that comes with creation.
Also this week I hung out with my friends. I went bowling with some old friends. I hadn’t seen in much longer than anticipated and you know, it’s really weird whenever you get together with friends after a hiatus.
You know I want to sit and I really want to.
Sort of you wrapped up in their personalities, you know and sort of experience them on a complete level. I really like to understand my friends and two for the time I’m with them, you know, really be a part of them really truly experience and when you haven’t seen someone in a long time, you can’t really do that, you know cutting out the external factors that are involved. You just can’t really
squeeze in months of absence
You know into like two hours of sitting down and chatting and there’s so much that goes on in in people stopped and in the world that you would like to talk about and used can’t get it done more more pounding. The problem was that we went to a bowling alley and we were going to games.
And you know, I don’t mind bullying as an activity but going bowling there’s this.
And maybe it’s just me. I have this idea of a bowler to me a bowler is really overweight and sloppy and messy and as like Pabst Blue Ribbon dripping down their faces mushroom stain fucken t-shirts and really just just sloppy and and sort of disgusting and smelly and they’re sitting there tapping their ass from their cigarettes into their belly button. And those are the ladies.
But I can’t help but find myself while I’m pulling that I was one of those equal so that you know, and I this candy is to me but when you’re bowling, you know, there’s this audience about you. And yes, you have your own Lanes, but everyone looks at everyone else’s game as they’re going. You know, I mean, there’s obviously the courtesy of letting whoever stepped up to the Lane first, you know, tossed their ball down the lane and that during that time you were watching them or they’re watching you and you’re watching the result and you weren’t judging Diesel and this is the most absurd of all games, but you can’t help but want to be good. I can’t help but want to be good at at anything I do whenever I do it and if that means being for the briefest of moments
or mean like he’s wanting to be in the for the briefest of moments that
just that that personification of the bowler that I so revile that you know really isn’t even true. But I like to attach images to ideas and activities in my mind.
You know you you want to do it you just want to be connected with it for that moments. You don’t look like a jackass when you almost slip and fall on the lane or when you go straight to the gutter right away or when you toss up a little bit too far up and it comes crashing down and you afraid you’re going to like break the wood on the line or something cuz it’s so damn hard and it reverberates across the entire Valley and it seems as if everyone has stopped what they’re doing they turn to look at you as a sound of wood splintering reverberates through the alley
Not that I’ve done that I would never do that totally in Ausable just TS.
All right. So, yeah, I mean we went bowling and it was you know, it was entertaining but you know, the point of this is that I didn’t get to sort of absorb their personalities as I’d wanted to.
So I guess I’m just going to have to try to hang out with them more often, which is fine Monday.
You know for me friendship and I can’t help but think that this might apply to virtually any satanists because of the nature.
who we are that when we find someone that we are connected to or attracted to we really latch onto that and you know, not in the creepy stalker obsessive way, but in a celebration of friendship or celebration of relationship sort of way, you know, one of our beliefs is love to those who deserve it, you know the ingrates so
You know when you find someone that’s worthy of your affection or attention or love or respect, you know, you you provided in droves.
And so that’s what I want to do. So I guess I’m just going to have to move in with them the choice to move in with him for like a week and a half so that I can feel like I got my fix so to speak. All right. So how about we get back to the show The Printers all thing. Sorry. I’m rambling on here. Let’s move over to the devil’s advocate.
You there?
Your invitation the same a little bit of theatrics, but dealers Africa.
In Nomine Dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi. My name is Satan here the king of the world like a man the forces of Darkness to the student power upon me open why the gates of hell and come forth from the abyss to meet me as your brother and friend grant me the indulgences of which I speak I’m taking my name is part of myself. I live is a beast of the field rejoicing the fleshly life.
I favor the just and cursing. Well the god of the pit. I can manage these things that which I speak shall come forth and answer to your names on manifesting my desires. Oh here the names.
miss you.
As it is.
I was first introduced to Satanism growing up in satanic Santa Clara the eighties.
I lived in Salem at the time which is a small town. No nowhere in Utah the entire town seemed to be LDS Mormon faith.
And you know, I mentioned satanic panic because in that time there was a lot of bullshit about satanic abuse and there was always that town that had that evil devil worshipping cult in the wood that’s doing some fucking crazy shit like like cutting up small animals or sacrificing babies.
You know, it was the different churches way of keeping their clothes and just pulling them and close themselves. Don’t go out in the woods at night because it’s stating this the devil worshippers Forget You Satan is right there.
Load of horseshit. I mean all of it is just fucking bullshit and it’s terrible because not only did it give a legitimate organization of that name, but it was done in the most shameful ways in order to promote what people are calling the truth. So literally they’re lying to you to convince you that they’re telling the truth.
And really that notion isn’t so crazy. I’m sure you know, that’s the way you like it. That’s the way religion gets fine. But when you’re on the other end of it it it’s a bit.
All right.
So I was introduced to saying his through the fate and through the Firenza room, gun, Donna used toxins. And you know, I was eight years old and my parents had me bound times in the Mormon church.
And it was actually really awkward time. I mean anyone that young, you know, you’re too young to be able to comprehend decisions of that nature. But you know, you’re always led to believe that you’re supposed to feel something.
From that moment you are now part of the flock.
Was always an outcast and it could have been because of my behavior. It could have been because I rubbed the other kids are away. It could have been because everyone could smell same as on me though. It hadn’t had a word to it just different.
And I don’t mean that in like, you know different on that ass. I actually had kind of a horrible time because none of the other fucking kids really would played me. I always have like one in if I was lucky to friends that hang out with but for the most part man, I got to tell you I was I was hanging out with the family my sisters and brothers my brother.
And I didn’t really have any exterior influences.
I’m going to tell you as soon as I started to I started to hear about ice and Catholic friends and they would talk about only my own brother has to focus and then the Satanic Bible, you know, you’re always I was always drawn to the dark and the perceived evil and in the mean stuff. I mean I used to wake up at like 5 in the morning and watch Nightmare on Elm Street, you know until I cut it off, you know, I was always like and I got a tribute sister with this. You got me in the horse. I was around the kid and I’ve never was not fantastic, but that dark imagery has always stayed with me and I started to A Little Bit of Sympathy for the bad guys. I mean certainly they were doing some some off of horrible things, but I wasn’t entirely sure of why they were doing and that might be actually why I connected so much with a Nightmare on Elm Street because
There was a remake explicitly, you know called out that she was a child molester fucking horrible and he should be fucking just shot in the face for that in the original, you know as a child. They they didn’t, you know infer that there was something like that going on but I never picked up on it. So literally as a child I saw this this character Freddy Krueger, it was burned alive by these parents for no apparent reason none that I picked up a time and then he went around, you know, killing the kids. And so I was like, well, you know there there’s a certain amount of Justice in that now, of course if I had my druthers nowadays, you know, he would be killing the parents.
And then you know to add on to that since I know why they put him alive. I didn’t have any problem with that at all, but it was the the act of Revenge and the fact that I didn’t fully, you know understand why he was doing that that sort of room into this dark character. So he had the ability to just go into your dreams. So reality meant nothing to this character and and that was how I sort of felt about this idea of Satan, you know, they only say seating is in all of you.
And I can do ever fukin. Right. I mean they were absolutely don’t fucking straight-up truth. They were answer the right hands and all of this entry me.
So when I started to pursue this satanic Heart of My Life.
You know it got a big as you could imagine a big steer in my family. My mom didn’t take it very well. She would freak out when I was gone. I’m down in the basement of our house and she hang on the basement would scream to the unfinished basement cement walls, you cat at my son, you know, you know shit that if you could YouTube and now if I can larius but to her, you know, it was it was a really terrible terrible time or son was turning to the dark side and you know what I got to be honest at first I did it because I just wanted to rebell against the structure that was you know, that church in our household and my parents were actually, you know, some of the more liberal LDS members so I can imagine the ship that people go through with the real probabilities families.
So, you know, I wanted to associate myself with the bad side of things. I ended up finally buying the Satanic Bible and through my whole fucking world for a loop because you know here is this what I expect to be treaties straight to, you know, raising the devil from now and ended up like a self-help book.
Nothing wrong with that but it really did shock me and then I refuse to shake the stigma that Satanism had to offer me. It’s like everyone.
I realized
this was just a straight-up explanation of why I feel the way I do and great ways of expressing myself and instead of feeling shity that I didn’t fit in with all of the other block of sheets that I was surrounded by.
You know, I could celebrate my individuality and celebrate my my own ranks for being the Satanism or the thing is that I am.
It was it was a pretty big fucking deal for me, you know, but also at that time, you know, I was going through that anxieties of being a young teenager going through Junior High and high school. There’s a lot to be, you know set about going through those times. Your hormones are running crazy wild and you’re doing well a stupid shit.
So to see that I took it seriously, even though I accepted it as a part of my being a part of who I am to help to find me would be foolish because you know, it wasn’t until after high school when I joined the military that I truly stepped into the fold and I joined the church and truly understood lost me.
So that you’re just saying, how is it that you’re just saying? It was formed by Anton and or LaVey in nineteen sixty-six more specifically on walpurgisnacht an item, April 30th to May 1st.
This is known as Belle Tire you pagans out there. It’s it’s a time of renewal when the earth and all of its residents are shaking off the darkness and the cold of the winter and
excuse me celebrating
the coming spring
a time when demons and Devils would roam the Earth and just Glory income spent on they shared his head and
he did it in sort of an Ode to like the medieval executioner or ancient Black magicians centuries past and formally called it. I don’t see tennis.
First year in the saint.
And we five years later man. Still going strong. So fucking on the side. It’s on the right. He formed it and this, you know sort of has a lot of our own individual experiences. If you’ve ever been interested in the occult images that few of them you hear stories about ancient peoples and powers and mystical things and it draws you to it and you start your own means of uncovering things and you come across groups like The Golden Dawn
General nature like pagans and none of it quite really connects with you and fills you this.
Send strength and not to mention that you know, what that time in the sixties and fifties forty now. We’re living two Victorian ethics era where Christian values.
Were the norm and it wasn’t the norm it was forced Norm. So the neon people are naturally are still she’d even the wise Peach shows where they’re watching the dirty films looking at pictures and yet every Sunday. They go right back to the church and Praise Jesus and hail Mary and tossing their dime to the questions until they recognize this absurdity and thought there should be an organized structured Church to oppose that notion.
Now when I say it post I don’t mean actively promote against it saying is is actually more of celebrating oneself than it is.
demonizing other group
he he felt that he could offer something in a genuine way.
No one else could and you know what? I think he was absolutely right because there have been a lot of Pretenders that came up after and there they were even quite a few before him that he sort of weaned on and borrow from
And I’ll get into more detail on another episode about Anton himself and his biography, but just to say how the church began and why he in it. I think that should do.
So, you know how and why the truth begin? How about what it means?
A lot of you there are going to obviously being satanists know the 9 satanic statements you’re going to you can understand them and everything, but, you know, let me go over them for those listening that maybe are just wanting to hear some new perspective on things are or maybe are just starting their foreign citizen.
And it’s not so nice.
I think we just go ahead with it. The men’s 96-97. Semen one scene represents Indulgence instead of abstinence.
That’s pretty obvious. And it’s straight opposite to the the rhetoric that the Islamic judeo Christian faith push onto their ideas that if you don’t do it then when you die, you can which I mean you pull it down and that’s what it is. You don’t do it while you’re alive when you get to heaven you’ll have all the glories and wonders that you couldn’t experience when you’re alive, but you know, you’ll be better off for it.
Cuz you have it forever. That’s the thing forever.
Number to Satan represents vital is Justin says spiritual pipe dreams.
Legos kind of piggybacking, but I just mentioned
You represents the here and then now rather than the would be heaven.
Now there are seeing this that will go out of their way to sort of hair down the idea of Christianity and then there are those who just don’t concern themselves with it. You know, I mean, they see people living their lives and they just sort of turned away and you know, they’re going to do their thing. I don’t really care about it.
I think that’s kind of, you know at that at the heart of this statement here.
Is that you need a focus on who you are right now?
And if you’re focusing on what other people are doing, then you might as well just be doing what they’re doing because all they’re doing is focusing on what they will be.
You know, you need to keep your head straight on the ground here have individual goals for your life and strive to fill those goals.
name and number three Satan represents undefiled wisdom hypocritical self-deceit
the tens the same as more deeply ingrained with humanism with the natural order of mankind and I sent after order and I don’t mean it in sort of a Biblical way obviously of God says we should be doing this and this I mean the way you actually are, you know, it’s it’s you in the face fucking hit them back, you know for every action in Equinox a reaction. It’s not turning G.
And yourself up we’re driving to work and that’s awesome. You know, do you do things but there’s there’s a reason why we think the way we do and wants to do the things that we want braces it. That’s the real power right? There is understanding it’s accepting it’s doing it.
Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of Love wasted on ingrates. This is another one who knows where?
You know.
We’re not out to knock people down as Satanist.
You know, we’re going to celebrate life and we’re going to celebrate those people who we deem worthy of celebrating, but we’re not going to go out of our way and shit on someone else for no.
And certainly if they don’t fucking deserve it off. You need to waste your time.
Same number 5 Satan represents his Vengeance instead of trying to get the cheek.
That’s fucking straight up as it is. That’s the natural order of behavior.
I tell you if someone is going to shit on me. I’m going to be pinned down and see on that unless the way it is. Sometimes you are forced into a symbolic state where there are plenty of rituals not to form. Sometimes. It is a literal thing where you know, what if you understand the consequences.
And you’re willing to pay those consequences. I don’t need they deserve it give it to him.
Same number sixteen represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires.
Here here man. This goes, you know hand-in-hand with kindness doesn’t deserve it.
If someone doesn’t deserve something, why would you give it to them?
psychic vampires, you know as a sort of
M as it goes along with it really all that means is someone that drains energy from you. That’s what it comes down to some of the drains resources from here.
Satan represents man as just another animal sometimes better more often worse than those the walk on all fours. It will because it is divine spiritual and intellectual development has become the most vicious animal.
You know Satanist will recognize that we are animals.
And there are things that we can do that. Those can’t that obviously set us apart and celebrate then.
You know art music.
True unbridled affection through action, you know, we have the benefit of resources of creation.
and you know based in the field doesn’t so we need to
You really respect that but you know not go so far as to forget where it came.
Semen represents all of the so-called sins and they always physical mental or emotional gratification.
No, there’s a misunderstood statement Aleister Crowley said I believe when he was with the Golden Dawn of do his own. Well should be the whole lot.
Misunderstood because that’s not you know in context.
but a lot of people think that this statement means that
And it’s not the truth. It doesn’t.
and the society in which you belong
will sort of provide the bounce that you should be in for your
Indulgence the sins
but within those bounds
Man, go crazy if you are.
There’s no reason to obtain time cuz you’re rational about it and honest and it’s accepted on all signs.
Don’t feel shame.
And the nights they can’t stand it.
Satan has been the best friend that churches ever had.
As he is kept it in business all these years.
Without him there’s no bad guy.
without no bad guy
you want to be?
So those are the basically same as and like I said before this is a really surface akshit and we’ll delve deeper into it in this in the episodes.
but I just thought
you know, you might find interesting my point of view. We’re just here for the first time.
and so it is
all right. It’s time for infernal informant. I actually had some things. I wanted to talk about Egypt situation with the president but a friend of mine.
Check out this link. So it’s really centered here in Utah, but the message itself, it’s pretty far-reaching, especially in today’s click on Viber.
Republican Lavar Christensen Republican, Draper, Utah
the same who helped craft Utah’s and ban on gay marriage is sponsoring a
redefining family policy
How’s it going?
family policy in this gets my blood boiling here. So I’m going to read some of these points that I’m going to dress them 21 The Institute and this is quoted here the institution of marriage and family consisting of the legal Union of a man and a woman and children conceived and born to or adopted by the married couple as father and mother is the fundamental unit of society and the optimum environment in which to nurture and raise a child.
To marriage and family predates all governments and are supported by and consistent with the laws of nature. I don’t know and Nature’s God the Creator and supreme judge of the world in the nation’s founding Declaration of Independence.
Marriage represents the legal sanction privilege society and it’s essential to ordered Liberty and public virtue for provoking. I’m sorry procreating was in marriage links generations and it’s fundamental to the perpetuating. I’m sorry. They have to put that in the five families anchored by both the father and mother Fidelity within marriage and enduring Devotion to the covenants and responsibilities of marriage or the desire to be cultures and societies where laws practices and public policies protect preserve and promote such enduring and time-honored family values and principles are happiest healthiest and most stable.
I don’t know what you yes, but I’ve never met one family. That’s happy healthy horse stable.
Fix the furtherance and protection of order and public morality are legitimate and substantial government interest.
Like a lease to be 7 to the extent social problems arise that adversely affect the desire Optimum family conditions such as the marriage crime poverty morality finals and other conditions that place added responsibilities on individuals communities through publicly funded and administered social programs and government services laws and regulations. She’ll be carefully scrutinized to determine how they impact the family and the protection of children.
Are you fucking in a day the laws of the state shall to the fullest extent possible strengthen Safeguard and sustain families?
As long as that family is a father and a mother living in the accepted Norm within the bounds of the laws of nature and Nature’s God.
There’s no respect in remote the essential and complementary rules about a father a mother and uphold the public policy for the greatest good.
You know many women don’t always fall, excuse me, and those straight roles of father and mother. I know some very effeminate men who are not getting used to pain. I know some very masculine, but we’re not lesbians but
So this desired Norm this asshat is trying to put into the fucking state constitution is a lie.
and one that I might have
goes on the back of discrimination. The only reason was even fucking brought forth It’s just stop liking rubbing on the sexual.
Men and women from having a union and adopting children. I mean, it’s just absurd that in in our age where now finally homosexual men and women and openly serve in our military, but they can’t come home and be open with the family.
I mean just fucken retarded. Now, you know, I kind of thing. I’m not getting I really have no problem with on the sexual behavior. I can understand how one man can find another man attractive. I can understand how a woman nicer medicine this another woman could find The Other Woman the track it but the idea that they can discriminate so late in Maine openly against them.
In this and not to mention the language, you know, how long until it’s only Christians.
No, I don’t think everyone understands, you know, the idea that marriage is this loving institution because a lot of the times most of the tires is not know people are doing it because they just want buck and then they get sick of each other and they get a fucking divorce and move on and you know, hopefully they don’t have any fucking children. They’re going to fuck in, you know, put into a terrible situation in the process.
I mean, I’m not I’m not for.
Marriage as a requirement hasn’t addled.
If you genuinely want to spend your life with someone when you’re straight fucken do it and for this asshat to put this fucken proposal this how to do up on the floor is it?
You know coming from a church, too.
Spits out this rhetoric about love and peace and acceptance.
How can anyone?
the rational mind
see that and think that makes sense.
Hey Joyce, good job.
did you fucking insert and it really pisses me the fuck up and this Republican Lavar Christensen is just I mean, he’s following the Republican platform, you know, obviously
You know and this is where I’ve got to break into sort of a political statement here.
And certainly the same do not have political affiliation, you know seen as a very large tent and there’s a lot of different people that fall under and so, you know, you’re going to have Republican state this and you’re going to have depressing myself. I’m not I mean, I’m certainly not a Democrat I think of myself as a socially liberal fiscally conservative.
other government influencing American
I just don’t see any need to.
Put ourselves out there as much as we are.
But I certainly don’t appreciate it when you have a bigoted platform and seeing that negative platform being put into law really aggravating because most of the people here in Utah aren’t even talking more and they’ll the majority probably are Christians. Actually no more LDS Mormons who are not
Rhesus and are not bigots against homosexual in our so really you see what if I can catering to this sort of Aging Society of of ingrained social digits.
You know because they’re apparently the only fucking group that goes out and votes, you know, the young people or or anyone under fucking 40 seems to think that you know, the polls you’d come to them and and I can change on its own.
Well, I just wanted to kind of get that out there then from let people know what kind of bullshit is going on in this wonderful country. I truly do you know I served in the Army and I felt a sense of Pride and true love for America when I was in the Army my eyes well up whenever I see the flag being raised and the National Anthem being played.
But that doesn’t stop me from questioning her.
liminal space
Through The Years. All right, so that wasn’t appointment. Thanks for hanging around. I’ve got one more segment to go Creature Feature just a second.
All right Creature Feature today is going to be I Spit on Your Grave is an awesome show and you know, it’s not an awesome because it’s groundbreaking new never actually been a couple of shows like this. But you know, it takes sort of the horror film or the it’s accidental bit more like a suspense door and it’s horrible, but we’re going to call for the sickness. It takes her to the horror and and turns it on its head.
actually a little bit like Nightmare on Elm Street where
the heroine
you know becomes
The Punisher of the bad guy and you know most Gore like sort of like just the bad guy just
Tara’s everyone apart. Well, you know, let me give you a brief rundown this showcase it on your grave. It just came out.
It’s about this young novelists female who decides to go out into the country, you know, just Midwest Force Place rent a cabin for a couple of months in order to rights her next novel.
Yeah, which is awesome. I would love to do something like that.
Unless of course the outcomes movie.
So she goes out there on the way out there if she stops the gas station and there’s some really bad flirting and an alarm.
Upsets the gas station attendants. He’s really sort of infantile stereotypical Backwoods men. And you know, there’s this real Deliverance moment with cheese and a horse. I’m not going to ruin it for anyone but just you know, there’s this real sort of absurd moments with animals Animal theme.
And then they just typically abuse is for girl.
Which you know S as an avid horror fan.
It was still a little bit difficult to see not. I’ve actually got a daughter and so whenever I see women use and I was raised by some very powerful women who ingrained love and respect for women into me.
So seen sort of the abuses that happen, you know, it was really fucking difficult.
And the only reason why I even grabbed the movie to watch was because I knew it was coming on the other side.
Vengeance baby know turning the other cheek in this motherfucker. She gets back and she gets revenge in a horrible horrible way. I mean really hard to watch button very kind of created. Like I’m sure it’s been done hundred times. Personally. I hadn’t seen these these ways. It’s fucking awesome and you got to see it. There’s there’s a scene where literally you watch as close Becca guys, I though I mean that alone is just fucking awesome. It’s like the first like a fucking rates. I mean the fucking just but you know, I bring up the show because of the vents and Vengeance Factor, you know, it would have been easy that one she just drop over and died because of the abuse she endured but she didn’t she survived on horrible horrible names and
on her own terms. Out and enacted Revenge
Which is, you know, something that you know statements you should seek revenge for things that you have been wronged on you now, we of course do not endorse physical violence by any means much more of the ritualistic Revenge stick, but you know what in this film it was absolutely appropriate and it was absolutely entertaining and I would absolutely watch it again. I can had a hard time afterward but you know, it was absolutely worth it. So I highly recommend I Spit on Your Grave it just came out pick it up Netflix or something.
You know what? This is sort of the end of the podcast. Thank you for listening. I really appreciate.
You taking the time to hear me rant or an hour about fucking stupid shit and you’re saying welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the bizarre before I go. I would like to do sort of a little business hour of the bizarre. So, you know just a little strange note or an advantage something that you kind of think is weird or funny about yourself at work and you know, share it with the entire world and I’m going to start here probably a strong feeling. I’m going to be dealing with doing this for a couple weeks. So here’s some strange shit. So here we go. There’s other these are featuring at them. We bought it connects the Xbox and those of you have been living under a rock the connect is sort of the Xbox answer to controller controller, you know, like in like the we has little and things move around the PlayStation 3 has the land think around the Xbox.
Literally just has a camera in it picks up your emotions naturally and there’s this pretty fun group or family game called the Kinect Sports and would like to see the bowling on it.
So essentially what it does is picks up the
Arms, and you sort of you know, mix throwing a bowling ball and my wife and I were drinking Merlot. We had probably three passes which for me is enough and I’d like to get a buzz on I don’t like sloppy. So I had this healthy buzz and we’re actually playing with my son who you know was up at time. And so I wanted the other room to do something check on something or whatever I came back and he wasn’t there and it was my turn. I was in my wife, you know, I’m like hey, so where’s Gabriel always the bathroom and I going to say this because without making this may sound weird something’s wrong time in the bathroom. I mean, it’s like he’s he’s like reading warm piece in there and like looking at the friggin reference notes and like we King all of the names. I mean taking forever in the bathroom, which know
Whatever, you know, do you think I don’t care but because I know that I know that he takes a long time. I thought I could be a little bit give him a little retarded done. So I thought well, hey if the Kinect picks up my arms.
What else would have got that you can kind of see where I’m going with it. So I decided I
you know that when I had to pull out and I was just like I was literally like like hands and like standing like a freaking Nutcracker Soldier jumping and twisting towards the Xbox the same it would pick up like any sort of emotion and certainly enough in order to toss the ball down the lane. It’s like John them a black gave me like little school road cuz I’m sure ridiculous thing that you know, who the fuck would do that and like suddenly I just hear like this reverberating silence that you know that sense, you know, when something’s not right and I turn and I see my son staring at me right in the bathroom door when it’s like that could be I don’t think there’s like, you know, put everything away as fast as I can completely go rent. I’m completely embarrassed completely ashamed was doing and I’ll
This was an adult moment that you were not supposed to be a part of so, I’m sorry that you saw that you were not supposed to see that and you know, when when he was being potty trained, you know, one of the ways we we tried to get him to understand how to go is that you know, when it rather P or something that’s you know, when I had to go like this is how big boys be so it’s not like, you know, he’s never seen anything before and you know in high school he’s going to go and take showers and stuff. So he’s going to see it again. So, you know at the time I was really horrified and you know, like my son walked into me and doing some really dumb it was like fucking really funny especially after 3, but yeah, so that’s the kind of should I do and just to let you know, I was never any get that point. We’ll go down like in Lane it was shaken. I take comfort in the fact.
Bowling ball is moving. It. Just I couldn’t get enough down the lane to release.
So with that.
Thank you for listening. This is 9sense.