Priestess Shannon Gausten & Witch Doctor Troj

Animal Testing

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. Reverend Campbell is joined by Priestess Shannon Gausten and Witch Doctor Troj to discuss Animal Testing. We will cover the commonly accepted pros and cons, delving into the realities of animal handling and rights in relation to scientific testing.

You can watch live and contribute in the chat, interacting with the other audience members, guests and host.

Opening Monologue

What a week it’s been! And what a lot has gone down in little over a month since we’ve had the last Third Side Intelligence! Paul Manafort, has been jailed because his freedom itself was a threat to justice, as he was indicted for obstruction of justice and witness tampering along with long time associate Konstantin Kilimnik. It’s nearly certain that he is going to flip on Trump as a Pardon from Trump would make it impossible for Manafort to plead the 5th about his corruption, as well as it would mean trump would be pardoning an active Russian spy, as they were both in the same indictment. Well played Muller, well played.

If Trump could find legal counsel that he would listen to he may fair a little better with this investigation, but he can’t help but speak on Russia’s behalf everywhere he goes. He did it at the G7 summit, he does it during his late night shitting Twitter tirades and I am sure his nightly dreams of being fucks by Putin, the only problem with it is that in reality it isn’t trump being fucked, its the United states and democracy. As this man-baby of a president pouts and whines about not being king and having to follow ‘the law’, his cronies are slowly chipping away at safety regulations over our environmental and medical industries. Nearly 95% of healthcare groups disagree with Trump’s stripping away of regulations but hey, who knows more about healthcare? The industry professionals or a dim witted moron who bankrupted seven companies! There is more corruption in this administration in this first half of his first term than in any other in recent memory.

But we’re not done yet! He visited North Korea and sucked up to the murderous dictator, then sang his praises to the American public. He acted like he got a win of a negotiation when in reality Kim Jong-un played trump like a trombone, (rusty trombone)? Kim made Trump stop training on the south Korean border, and placed him on equal footing with the united states all for nothing but the intention of ending a nuclear program. Trump has yet to prove he is moderately competent in any negotiating tactics, period. So much for the art of the deal, more like the art of the dunce. If he were a Satanist he would be an utter embarrassment to us all! His lesser magic game begins and ends with his ego. I still can’t comprehend any Satanist siding with this fucking failure, and yet….

But what about recent insanity? Well Trump enacted a zero tolerance policy that led to the ripping away of children from their refugee parents at our border–then he tried desperately to blame on Democrats but not even his base believed that lie. He then altered the policy via executive order yesterday causing as much confusion at our borders as there were in every international airport during his failed Muslim ban. Look, I know trump is a criminal and a looser, but I would like to be proud of one win, just won for the sake of america. Too bad trump cared more about covering up his baldness than the office he was installed into by a misinformed, and chaotic populace.

But enough of trump, let’s talk about animal testing… you know, a lighter topic. tonight I am being joined by two women I absolutely love and respect:

Our first guest tonight is no stranger to the show. She has a PHD in Clinical Psychology and works with a focus on disabilities, LGBT and low socioeconomic status rural & urban populations. Her research focus is in disabilities and studies fandoms and the use of fantasy in positive coping. You know her from her contributions to The Raising Hell Podcast or her last appearances on Speak of the Devil, the lovely Witch Doctor Troj.
Our second guest has been on the show twice, once as an interviewee, then I had her back on to talk about Satanic Sustainability. She’s a canine expert, animal rights activist and a Church of Satan Reverend who I was first introduced to during the 9sense days where we discussed her band Effectionhate’s single, ‘Phoenix Reborn’, from April 2012, with all profits from its sale going to benefit dog rescue services. Welcome back to the show Priestess Shannon Gausten.