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Blackhouse Blues was a Satanic blues music project I wanted to explore. I found the connection between Satanism and old jazz and blues standards intriguing. Anton Szandor LaVey was an accomplished musician and his passion for musical performance and the multiple musical releases that came out of the Black House informed the concept of this project for me. 

Hymn of the Satanic Empire

It all began with a stripped down, blues-rock version of Hymn of the Satanic Empire. 

This featured guitars by Les Hernandez, drums by Nick Green, bass and mixing by Lu Hutchinson and vocals by Reverend Campbell. 

Lucifer's Blues

This was a collaboration with Gyps Fulvus and myself, exploring the traditional guitar driven blues riff with a lyrical concept of God asking Lucifer why his creation rejects him.

This featured guitars and mixing by Gyps Fulvus and vocals by Reverend Campbell.

I Want My Sin

I have always loved the stripped down version of the blues from artists like Skip James. I approached Darren Deicide about collaborating and after a year or so we came up with this track.

This featured guitars and backup vocals by Darren Deicide and vocals by Reverend Campbell.

I Don't Want Your Soul

I was always fascinated by the prayer scene in Glory. The crying out of emotion and hopes made me think of the Devil addressing all those poor whelps asking him for help. There was an interesting idea of Satan not accepting just anyone's soul, being more discerning. I wrote this but it was never fully developed.

This was performed by Reverend Campbell.

Thrill in the Fall

This was a collaboration with Jeremiah Crow. We wanted to work out a real slow burned folk track with his original sound. It celebrated the fall of Lucifer from his perspective as an exciting event rather than a sad one. Though this was never finalized, it was a powerful collaboration.

Musical score by Jeremiah Crow and vocals by Reverend Campbell