Happy Winter Solstice!

I would like to welcome all you devils to join me in celebration of this solstice and the past year. You have proven to be valued comrades on this left hand path. Your real world successes shake the very foundations of this culture of herd conformity we are surrounded by. Do not ever rest on your laurels. We are continually reminded of how short our lives truly are, so live with intention, with purpose, and do so with joy and indulgence. Use this past years successes as a yardstick to measure the coming year against!

Now I would like to share a personal note:

This past year saw my interest once again waning in Satanic content creation. At the very mention of ending Speak of the Devil or continuing it with Patreon patrons in the first quarter, you came out en mass, sharing your affection for and appreciation of the project. From that moment, I have been encouraged by your engagement and influenced by your passion to continually improve the project and give back to the supporters with daily Satanic content.

I have sourced stainless steel Sigil of Baphomet necklaces and lapel pins as an earnest thank you to patrons and I have written Satanic essays and provided Satanic video content exclusively for patrons as well. Every penny you have given me went right back into equipment and infrastructure for content creation. This is a reciprocal Satanic relationship that I am incredibly grateful for. Your attention and interaction means everything to this project. Thank you all!

My mission statement has been to produce professional and positive Satanic content. Content that entertains and informs the audience. It may challenge or reinforce established ideas you hold, but at the core of my intention is to study, not worship while questioning all things. This will not change in the coming year, and I welcome you to continue traveling with me down this left hand path.

Hail all of you!
Hail Speak of the Devil!
Hail Satan!

-Reverend Campbell