Witch Cimminnee Holt & Witch Doctor Troj

Satanic Sex

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Perspectives. Reverend Campbell is being joined by Witch Cimminnee Holt and Witch Doctor Troj to discuss Satanic sex. We will cover fetishes, the mating signal, historical trends, fantasies, do’s, don’ts and more!

Join live to see what separates us from the animals, if anything at all, in our celebration of our carnal selves. See you in the chat!

Opening Monologue

I would like to repeat the latest announcement from the Rose Garden. WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY! Illegal drugs and illegal immigrants are FLOODING our southern border, and since Congress refuses to pay for President Trump’s proposed wall that he promised Mexico would pay for, at a final tally estimated near $23 Billion, He took it upon himself to act as the dictator he has always honored in other countries and bypass the United States separations of powers, checks and balances and steal money from other agencies it has already been allocated to.

You heard me right, WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY that requires immediate dictatorial powers. Immediately after declaring this state of emergency, Trump promptly went on vacation to mar a lago golf resort, as any good president would do, in a state of emergency. Oh, and there’s just one more thing, he mentioned he didn’t have to declare the emergency, just that by doing so gets his wall built sooner, which makes it NOT an emergency. Oh and his unsubstantiated claim of illegal immigrants and drugs flooding over our southern border is also a lie. Illegal immigration is at a 20 year low, and drug shipments come through ports of entry, flying drones and through tunnels, none of which are impeded by walls.

But those are just pesky facts, why would a president of the united states care about facts when he can just say ‘fake news’ and his easily led automatons will believe it? But do not despair, the state of the union is stronger than our draft dodging walking, talking Cheetos in chief. Hours after Trump’s announcement, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee had launched an investigation into the emergency declaration. They requested legal documents on the decision that led to the declaration, setting a deadline of next Friday. And said “We believe your declaration of an emergency shows a reckless disregard for the separation of powers and your own responsibilities under our constitutional system,” signed by Chairman Jerrold Nadler and other top Democrats on the panel.

Pelosi and Schumer responded to Trump’s declaration: “The president’s actions clearly violate the Congress’s exclusive power of the purse, which our Founders enshrined in the Constitution,” they said in a statement. “The Congress will defend our constitutional authorities in the Congress, in the courts, and in the public, using every remedy available.”

He knows it’s illegal. He is hoping his newly stuffed supreme court slave justices will give him a win when it goes in front of them. I want to make sure everyone is aware, on the off chance you are not: THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Nothing about this is normal, and we must all, republican, independent, democrat, green party whoever the fuck you are stand up and deny ANY president dictatorial authority to circumvent the constitution of the united states. That is literally what he is doing, and this marks a sea change in his presidency.

So what can we do to take our mind off this fat hot mess? How can we alleviate, if for only a few short breaths, the stress of our current state of affairs? We can imbibe, and we can make-a da love! That is right, tonight–the day after cupid stuck it in me from behind–we are talking about sex baby! And who better to share all my dirty, vile and socially unspeakable sexual fantasies with than two women who will undoubtedly put mine to shame! Never underestimate the naughtiness of a witch!

Our first guest has a PHD in Clinical Psychology. Her clinical practice focuses primarily on LGBTQ clients, clients with disabilities, and clinical issues like anxiety, depression, grief & bereavement, and life transitions. Her research focuses on health outcomes for people with disabilities, and she also assists the IARP research team in studying fandoms and the use of fantasy in positive coping. It’s my pleasure to introduce friend of the show, Witch Doctor Troj.

Our next guest is currently a PHD candidate in Religion. Her areas of research are: western esotericism, ritual, new religions, and religion & popular culture. She has received multiple scholarships and awards of excellence, and is published in peer-reviewed academic journals and books. She is a frequent guest and friend of the show. Allow me to introduce Witch Cimminnee Holt.