Darren Deicide

Darren Deicide & Witch Zaftig

The Religious Liberty Task Force

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. This month Reverend Campbell is being joined by Darren Deicide and Witch Zaftig to discuss the United States new Religious Liberty Task Force that was announced by Attorney General Sessions on July 30, 2018. We will discuss it’s stated mandate, reach, implications and scope. And why not …

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Trapezoidal roast of Aden Ardennes

Trapezoidal Roast of Aden Ardennes

Speak of the Devil presents the Trapezoidal Roast of Aden Ardennes. This is the second Satanic roast ever! Produced & hosted by Reverend Campbell. Featuring Citizen Patrick DeMarco, Magister David Harris, Witch Heather Height, Reverend M. A. Mandrake, Reverend Darren Deicide, Citizen Tom Saenen & Magister Dr. Robert Johnson. Introduction by Satanist Cameron John. Music …

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Aden Ardennes and Darren Deicide


Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. Reverend Campbell is being joined by Aden Ardennes and Darren Deicide to discuss the war on drugs, the Opioid Crisis and the CoS’ stance on drugs. You can find Aden Ardennes at hornsmagazine.com and militanteroticism.com and you can learn more about Darren Deicide on darrendeicide.com.

Darren Deicide & Magister David Harris

Russia & Trump’s Campaign

Speak of the Devil Presents Third Side Intelligence. In this first episode of TSI, Reverend Campbell will be joined by Magister David Harris, Darren Deicide and special guest Patrick DeMarko. We will be discussing Russia & Trump’s Campaign, covering the left and right’s perspectives and moving beyond them to Third Side Intelligence’s Satanic Third Side …

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The Blues Non Est Mortuum by Darren Deicide

Darren Deicide

Reverend Campbell Interviewed Darren Deicide about his latest full album release ‘The Blues Non Est Mortuum’ and past music & video releases. Thank you to those who joined live and were a part of the conversation. You can order the album here: http://berenicerecords.com/darren-deicide-new-album-2016/. Darren Deicide is a hell-of-a live performer with a vitality and aggressive …

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