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An Enlightened Perspective – Episode 004

Citizen Patrick DeMarco and Reverend Campbell bring you another An Enlightened Perspective episode filled with wit, wisdom, a few dad jokes and a whole lot of current events. They have their choices of the current administration’s tomfoolery, TV shows sharing supposed Satanic personalities and imagery, not to mention the last election, wild fires, public shootings …

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The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore

The Fascism Question

It’s time for another Haereticus Patron Reward, the Semimonthly Satanic Essay Reading/Discussion. Reverend Campbell and Aura DeWolfe sit down and perform a reading of Peter H. Gilmore’s essay from The Satanic Scriptures, “The Fascism Question”.  We cover the essay, fascism, how close or far away we are from it and if that’s a bad thing …

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