Asura and Warlock Colin Martin

U.S. Elections

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Perspectives: U.S. Elections. Reverend Campbell is joined by Asura and Warlock Colin Martin to examine the historical relevance of our political parties and election results in an effort to discover patterns, statistical realities and uncomfortable truths about the U.S. system of elections.

Join live to share your thoughts while expanding your own perspectives with the audience and hosts.

Opening Monologue

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take a moment and express my wish that your Walpurgisnacht was a wicked one. At year 54 Anno Satanas we can look back at a diverse collection of misfits, scholars, degenerates of the highest stature, diabolical dilettantes, pornography purveyors, producers, participants and patrons. We’ve had screenwriters, authors, jokesters and lyers. Vampires, werewolves, racists and bigots. Politicians, house wives, musicians and magicians. Gays, straights, trans, bi, queer and yets to be named. We’ve had agents personified as individual individualists, anti social celebrants and well dressed, well born, whelps. Lets not forget the hackers, hobbyists, geeks and gamers. The dreamers, druggies, asexuals and std filled rank and file. We are legion, and our legion has style!

We love pop, punk, art nuevo and fusion, death metal, doom metal, heavy metal and metal braces. That’s because we have among us those with physical abnormalities and deformities, mental deficiencies and discrepancies. Were not defunct, devoid, delusional or delirious. We recognize that our lives are number 1 even when we’re having trouble going number 2. We step up and face reality on her terms and as our commander in chief puts it, we grab her by the pussy!

We’d have it no other way because our successes are heightened by our failures, our achievements are enriched by our handicaps and our victories are elevated by our vices. We may very well be our own worst enemies, even when we have our green eyed hamsters riding our coattails. However, no amount of lies they spread can dampen the inferno of our actions. We resonate in discord with the herd and it is that very vibration we manifest that both propels us to our goals ends and aids in our commands to look.

I’d love to tell you that we’re all worth our salt, but reality doesn’t lie. That means sometimes we will face the chaos of the universe in the form of death and dismemberment, suicide and addiction, sexual and physical assault and our own faces in our own mirrors looking back at us in self pity and hate. Our very nature as Satanists demands a higher embodiment from us and lets be honest, we can’t always measure up to other’s standards, let alone our own. But What makes us better, what ignites that fire within is that in start opposition to it all, we still stand up. We take the time to heal, and we get right back at it. In spite of the haters, the jealous, the defamers and the malingers, we turn their attention into fuel for our fires. It arouses our drive and cheers us on because if you don’t have someone in opposition, you haven’t taken any chances. I am proud to be legion with you, and our individual victories add up to one hell-of-an impressive cabal.

I once asked our High Priestess if it was mandatory for a Satanist to practice Greater Magic, and her response was a simple No, but that they all must practice lesser magic. You See, that’s what Satanists use to realize their is to be’s. It is how we manifest our desires in the real world and it is what separates us from the sheep. Our total environments begin and end at our our created boundaries, but the outside world doesn’t always care about our boundaries. We are influenced by the region we live, the cultures in which we were raised, the societies and governments that regulate and limit us, but we are not totally at their mercy. For those of us in the united states we have elections from the school board to the white house and every single one of those elections influence what we can do, when we can do it and with how little pants we can do it in!  That’s right, elections may be annoying, difficult and confusing, but exercising your will on the world shouldn’t always be simple, effortless or gifted.

And that brings us to tonight topic, U.S. Elections, but first, let me introduce you to our panel!

Our first guest this evening has worked on several technology projects leveraged in public opinions. He has been directly involved in campaigns of indirect action from direct marketing to machine learning initiatives to predict voter behavior. And although the machinations have changed, the history of such campaigns and actions are observable in politics today. He has joined me in the past for a Machine Learning discussion, please join me in welcoming Asura to the show. How are you tonight?

Our second guest is a data analyst dealing with local government statistics and systems; with a focus on internal audit and the streamline of processes. He is a British Army veteran of 20 years, both as a reservist and full time soldier and has served all over the globe including Iraq. He was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and moved to the United States in 2017 where he has been inundated with our overly extended political seasons. Please welcome The Ringmaster himself, Warlock Colin Martin. How are you you tonight?