Reverend Campbell Flipping You Off

Fuck Off

I don’t believe in forming teams, mentoring your friend or the bull shit you talk. My success has nothing to do with your failure, inadequacies or lack of originality. Your endeavors are doomed to fail because you are a part of them. If you want my advice, I would say stop trying to be something you are not and embrace who you are, in all its depressing reality. Once you accept it, you can begin to grow.

I can’t stand you because you stand for nothing but a popularity contest no one cares about. You can scream into the darkness with your suspenders and craft store hobby, peddling shit to wannabe power players in a game that 1. never existed in the first place and 2. actively promotes the lack of the game you want to win at. Try life instead of your mean girl, my dress is better than hers so I’m going to pull her hair and tell everyone she sleeps around, idiocy. No one believes it and it only reveals how pathetic you are for trying to sell it to them in the first place, oh yea, and you’re a grown up… Act like it!

Put down your hours of digital mind masturbation and study your profession from the inside out. Don’t have one? Learn a trade. If you want to be recognized by your peers, you have to be a peer. We have enough pretenders and no matter how much borrowed equity you may have in your latest, most evil, wicked, mean and nasty Satanic what-cha-ma-call-it project or product of the ages is going to change the fact that you are void-of-talent.

I don’t believe in holding grudges or taking sides, but I will tell you the truth, and if that doesn’t fit into your–I’m a Satanist so I have to be edgy and hard–narrative, then that’s your problem, not mine. I welcome dissenting opinions and listen to alternative viewpoints, the fact that I may not share yours speaks to my individual understanding of the issue not my taking a side in your manufactured fight against those of differing opinion that, lets be honest, flies in the face of the religion you claim to be part of in the first place. We are individuals, not hive minds who stand in a circle jerking each other off while Hailing Satan and crying about the latest social justice warrior trend that landed before my eyes on a platform designed to share ideas, no matter how banal or thought provoking, while you cum.

So put down your Nerf gun and shake off that manufactured victim cloak you have shrouded yourself in while simultaneously calling everyone else the very thing you are revealing yourself to be. Hang up that edgier-than-thou online handle that only reveals you to be the little child in your mothers basement thumbing through your first-edition monster manual for infernal names to prove your study in demonology is deeper and more profound than that Christians understanding of Hell you’ve been arguing with for the lions share of the morning. You’re not changing anyone’s mind and are simultaneously rotting your own.

If you truly are the alien elite then you don’t have to convince others of it. Your real world success will do all the convincing for you–but you wouldn’t care in the first place because you know it doesn’t mean shit if someone else cares about you or not. It only matters that you care about yourself enough to recognize the faults you have and to work on correcting them. Not in the ‘it’s the New Year so lets go to the gym for an hour, or lets put the cigarette down and take up a yoga class’ that only lasts a week when you ultimately fall back into your old routine of failure. No, in the I am the highest embodiment of human fucking life so I am going to act like the professional fucking adult I am and not engage in the childish bullshit of my past.

Let’s ring in this new year with the stark realization of what we were and a sharp focus on where we want to be. We can be as successful as we want simply because our successes are our own, not a communal experience. It doesn’t matter how many people do something similar to you because you have a defined differentiation of personality, perspective and presentation. All of which add to to the totality of you. Own It. Own it in this new year 54 Anno Satannas and Hail Satan!