“El Sacrificio de Cannunas” by Johfra Bosschart, 1979

Giving the Devil His Due

I would like to thank my fellow Satanic content creators. Thank you for stepping up and producing art, music, essays, videos, podcasts, websites, artifacts and for sharing your personal experiences and thoughts.

Thank you for doing so with minimal support, appreciation, and at times in the face of active opposition. You operate on your own dime, in your own time because you are passionate about the format and message. The sheer diversity in style, direction, approach and tone is astonishing, and I can not think of any time before in history that we have been this active and vocal in creation.

However, when you think of the sheer scale of media out there, then compare it with the available Satanic media, we need more, not fewer creators. Our individual voices educate and inform the world about the realities of Satanism through our expressions, even when our intent is not to educate. We clarify and dispel misunderstandings and myths, refute lies and represent our religion in, hopefully, a professional and positive way through our passions.

We can judge each other through our individual interactions, and at times, end with a bad taste in your mouth-But there is no disagreeing with the intent and passions brought to bear in the work. We don’t need to agree with each other in any way, but this Satanist appreciates your presence.

Hail Satan!