International Women’s Day

I am in the privileged position to have been raised, mentored, inspired and loved by some incredibly powerful women. The women in my life have pulled me off my high horse putting me in my place, and lifted me up with their words of encouragement and support. They enrich my life with the truth of their experience and I marvel at their individual strength and ability to overcome the generational and seemingly insurmountable odds that society throws at them every day, all the while striving to be the best versions of themselves while taking care of their careers, house and homes.

My life would be infinitely more challenging without the love and support of my wife. Without my mother and sisters, I would be even more ignorant to the feminine experience than I am today. They raised me to be considerate when interacting with women, and to understand that it’s not as important to be right as much as it is important to have perspective. I live every day knowing that my daughter will use me as a guide for the men she will be drawn to or away from. This knowledge tempers my behavior and demeanor. I want her to be as powerful a force as all the women in my life that preceded her are.

I imagine our past, where women did not have the influence and presence in society that they have now and I mourn for it as it’s void of richness. The fear, unjustified sense of superiority and privilege that men have exercised over women has starved the world of the possibilities that we are barely beginning to witness today. You have only to look at the women of your past and present to know that with empowered women comes passion, certainty, and direction that is reasonable, considerate and conscious of impact. I look forward to a future where women are believed, trusted and granted the opportunities every man has by default now. We are getting there.

To all the women in my life, I would like to celebrate you and your struggles, while I am mindful of those that came before you. Happy International Women’s Day! As Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets said: “You make me want to be a better man.”