Reverend Campbell

It’s Hurts Being this Good

It has been brought to my attention that not only are there parasites copying my work and passing it off as their own, there are actual ‘satanists’ threatening others to distance themselves from me. Now, those who have followed this gluttonous mass of worthless flesh’s threats, I don’t care about. If you are so easily swayed as to think Satanism has anything to do with a popularity contest or taking sides, you aren’t one!

But to think this disgusting blob of a human attempts to throw his considerable physical weight around and no one calls him out is appalling! We are supposed to stand on our own, not cow-tow to a cow. We are supposed to be the highest embodiment of human life, not a Jr. High clique! The Grotto system was disbanded because of this cult of personality behavior, and yet, here it is, alive and well.

I will not abide this behavior and I challenge every Satanist out there to stand up for yourself, and do the same.

If they are unoriginal, never doing anything the first time, or improving on it–than you can bet they are not Satanists.

I accept that if you are doing something well, you draw attention, and that inevitably draws fanboys and copycats. I want nothing to do with either. I create content because I like to. I do not expect anyone to accept or agree with my personal politics. I was under the impression others thought the same way. How solipsistic of me.

Copy this post, bitch.