Fuck Satan!

No seriously, can you imagine what it would be like to fuck Satan? Would it live up to your expectation? Would he try something you’re not quite ready for, or would he guide you like an old lover?

As much as any partner, I find that I fall into a sexual pattern. It takes awareness and a little adventurous spirit to break out of your rut. But it is important!

A large part of our experience as human beings is our carnal connection. Hell, it’s a large part of our religion! We stand apart from other religions simply because as long as there’s a human adult willing partner, it’s all gravy. Do whatever you want.

I think for the most part, we have social or cultural biases imprinted on our sexuality. This partially informs our willingness to explore. I’ve often said if you don’t feel a fair amount of shame after sex, you’re doing it wrong. This is only partially tongue in cheek. (pun intended) It speaks to our willingness to go outside our safe zone and experiment. How does she know she doesn’t like a finger in her ass? How does he know he doesn’t like to be squirted in the face? Or vice versa.

I challenge every one reading this. Experiment with your partner(s). Take a step or three out of your comfort zone and try something new! Take it slow, be patient, and who knows, perhaps you’ll learn something about each other.

If we are our own god, than we are our own Satan. So fuck like Satan! Or better yet, “Baby, come over here and fuck Satan!”