Warlock Jeff Bowling and Reverend Raul Antony


Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. Reverend Campbell is being joined by Warlock Jeff Bowling and Reverend Raul Antony to discuss Propaganda. We live in an age of socio-political propaganda that not only influences our thoughts and actions, but steers the direction of social movements and political parties. We will deconstruct the meaning and effects of propaganda, and examine historical and modern versions of it in use. As Satanists it is imperative that you arm yourself with critical thinking and identifying truth. Let us take control of yourselves and learn how to see through others’ machinations.

Opening Monologue

In a moment of bitter irony, FOX news broadcasted a graphic that was the result of a poll asking Monmouth University who they trusted more, Trump or one of the top three news networks. Trump lost 35/48% to his nemesis CNN. The irony lay in the reveal that FOX news itself was the least trusted news network of the big three (CNN, MSNBC and Fox respectively). Now you can argue that this was the result of them polling at a college and not an old folks home, you know FOX’s key demographic, but what else do you expect from polling an educated populace? Yes, the truth hurts. When you peddle bullshit, you shouldn’t be surprised when you step in it from time to time.

But FOX News isn’t the only loser this month, oh no, the #DeleteFacebook movement is ramping up. You see, nothing in life is free. All of you who think social media is, are either willfully ignorant or down right stupid. You see, YOU are the price. Your data, your information, your eyes, your actions, YOU! You are selling yourself so you can collect numbers of people as ‘friends’ who make you feel relevant, and who actually don’t give a fuck about you. Talk about turning up irony to 11! But would you still use the service if you had to pay for it? We may not be too far removed from that reality, pony up some cash, or continue to pony up your data.

A whistle blower from Cambridge Analytica, a self proclaimed propagator of propaganda firm in the UK, leaked that they have collected data from 50 million Facebook users and used it to aid the Trump campaign by targeting users with misleading information… you know, propaganda meant to sow disinformation, inaction, fuel conspiracy and discontent and all around distract the public from actual issues, factual news & information and divide the populous. I don’t know if I have to say it or not, but, they did a great job! So how did they get this information? From all of you.

You see, your incessant need to share every aspect of your life, and find value in collecting those aforementioned digital friends in some shallow attempt to feel important or relevant has led you to be duped. One can make the argument that if you truly are so hollow a human as to need to engage in this type of behavior–it is your inherent gullibility that is the real issue, but I digress. You have been the target of propaganda, and the cold hard truth is, we are wired to accept it–if you are ignorant to its forms. This is not to say all propaganda is bad, or that it is incorrect in all cases, because simply put, it isn’t, but knowing what you are looking at, knowing the motivations behind the message gives you the upper hand, and allows you to decide for yourself.

This is at the core of today’s discussion–propaganda. What is it, how is it used and what can we learn from it to identify and use it ourselves if we like. Joining me are two gentlemen who will help me navigate this informational minefield:

Our First panelist is Warlock Jeff Bowling. He is a musician (Lead Singer/Songwriter for the bands Slave To Reality and, Embrace The Forbidden), writer, professional wrestler, actor, stunt performer, martial artist and fight choreographer. He spent 6 years in the U.S. Army (Field Artillery) including 2 deployments to Iraq. And he has been a member of the Church of Satan since 2005. Welcome back to the show Jeff.

Our Second panelist Reverend Raul Antony has been writing on outsider art and culture for over 10 years. He hosts The Forest Passage and Chaos Sedated podcasts. You can find a collection of his work at invisible-war.net. Thank you so much for joining me, and welcome back Raul.