The Satanic Warlock of the Year
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The Satanic Warlock of the Year


Every culture and ethnicity has a way of celebrating those who exemplify its values, ideals and goals. Individuals who in a moment may personify what it means to truly be an individual of mastery and authority. We are now in a time when it is necessary to recognize one who does just that.

This coming Devil’s Night, Speak of the Devil will present this honor to a Satanic Warlock among us. This is a title that will be granted by your peers in the honored tradition of an infernal mutual admiration society. There can be no greater award than the self satisfaction a Satanic Warlock earns from meeting and achieving his goals, but being named Satanic Warlock of the Year is a close second!


Think about those Satanic Warlocks who have inspired you, challenged you, confronted their own demons and came out on top. Consider those Satanic Warlocks who speak to Satanism, not necessarily in a direct way, but more importantly through their actions and mastery of their works and demeanor. For those few who you believe meet this demanding criteria, submit their names with this form before October 13th, 2018.

Please restrict your nominees to only two per submitter. All nominees must be members of the Church of Satan in good standing. The most nominated Satanic Warlocks will be voted on from October 14th – 27th. I will collect the two most voted for Satanic Warlocks and have them on Speak of the Devil for a live reveal on a very special Devil’s Night episode.

I thank you in advance for your contributions to this exciting event, and I wish the best of luck to all of you Satanic Warlocks out there.


Once the nominees have been submitted we will present them for final voting by members of the Church of Satan ONLY starting October 14th through the 27th. If there are more than 20 nominees, we will only present the nominees with multiple nominations for voting. You can vote for your nominee exclusively through the private page before October 27th, 2018. The link will be shares in the private sections of Letters to the Devil forum and Facebook. If you are a member that does not access those sites, you can email me with proof of membership and I will send you the link.

What Do They Win?

First and foremost you win the prestige of the title in the form of a Certificate of Honor. Your Satanic peers have recognized you as a Satanist of substance and mastery. You will also be awarded a Church of Satan approved Speak of the Devil Stainless Steel Sigil of Baphomet and Lapel Pin, as well as a Satanic Warlock of the Year Lapel Pin!

Award Schedule

  • October 1-13: Collect Nominees
  • October 14-27: Vote on Nominees
  • October 30: Devils Night featuring the top 2 Nominees

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