Aden Ardennes & Aura DeWolfe

Toxic Masculinity

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. This month, Reverend Campbell is being joined by Aura DeWolfe and Aden Ardennes to discuss toxic masculinity. We will be joined as usual with an Enlightened Perspective from Citizen Patrick DeMarco and some thoughts from D.A. Marshall.

Is toxic masculinity a reality? If so, is there toxic femininity? If gender identities are deeply held ideas, can behaving within the constraints of that identity ever be considered toxic? We will explore where the term comes from, what it is used for, and what it actually means.

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Opening Monologue

Welcome to another episode. I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities. I know I did. Since we last saw each other in a Third Side Intelligence episode, the west has been lit on fire. Literally! California has suffered well over 88 deaths, 18,000 buildings lost, 13,000 homes lost and that was just one of the three major fires… in November. On the east coast, there have been record hurricanes, the third record breaking year in a row, with 8 hurricanes, 154 deaths, and more than $33 billion in damages! Now that winter is coming in hard regionally there have been power outages due to the severity some going a week without power. But as climate continues to become more severe, and the U.S. administration’s own climate reports warning about the severity of the current climate crisis, we don’t have to worry. Our commander in chief, President Donald John Trump doesn’t believe it, in his own words “One of the problems that a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence, but we’re not necessarily such believers,” “I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me,” Well, I feel better. Is this how we MAGA? By ignoring reality and living in a fantasy world of lies while our real world crumbles before our very eyes?

Some people comment or reach out to me complaining about these intros being too political, but how can we not address the madness that is happening all around us?

On the US southern border the trump administration has kidnapped over 2,500 children, separating them from their parents, and it is still happening! He decided to use our troops as a political stunt in the last election by mobilizing them on the southern border to protect us from a refuge caravan that was weeks away, even trying to encourage the soldiers to murder the refugees, primarily consisting of women and children running from violence, again, seeking legal asylum, through the thanksgiving holiday. Recently he ordered the closing of the border and the use of tear gas on women and children. You heard me right, the trump administration was gassing women and children, but that shouldn’t be a surprise, he’s been gas lighting our country for years.

Oh, but the madness isn’t just realized through climate or policy, no, no, no… the Muller investigation into the Trump campaigns collusion with Russia is still alive and well. As trump cries fake news and witch hunt the investigation has uncovered dozens of indictments of federal crimes, at least 8 known guilty pleas, his campaign lead Paul Manafort was found guilty in a court of law on tax and bank fraud. He pleaded guilty on two counts of conspiracy and signed an agreement with Muller to flip on Trump. He recently soured that deal by having his lawyer leak conversations to Trump and is now going to be tried for his other crimes. But there was no collusion right? Trump said himself he has the best people. Like his last lawyer Michael Cohen of 12 years, handling his dirty work from paying off strippers to arranging Saudi and Russian meetings. In fact Cohen recently pled guilty of lying to congress on behalf of Trump, and that was after previous pleas of financial crimes and campaign finance violations. He has now flipped and is also working for Muller. So tell me, how fake can it be? How honest is this pathetic, disgusting, fraction of a man in the white house?

Trumps MO is to belittle, lie, scheme and cheat and those are his best traits. If there ever was such a thing called toxic masculinity, he is certainly a poster boy for some of its expressions. So let’s get into it shall we? What is toxic masculinity? Where does it come from or was it made up whole cloth?

Joining me to discuss it is an insurance professional, currently working as a Property Damage Adjuster with a background in Accounting and Administration. She is currently pursuing a BA in Business Management and Finance to be followed by her Masters in Business Administration. Please join me in welcoming Aura DeWolfe! How are you my dear?

My next guest is a freelance writer with a penchant for sexuality, Gay History, and sex-based subcultures. He has worked behind the scenes for several porn companies, helping to concept new videos and sites, and published a book based on his sex-advice contributions to 9sense podcast. Ardennes also owns and publishes HORNS Magazine, a pornographic magazine catering to the Gay Occult Community. How are you this evening?