Trapezoidal Roast of Reverend Campbell

Written by Reverend Campbell

Speak of the Devil presents the Trapezoidal Roast of Reverend Campbell.
This is the first Satanic roast ever! Produced by Reverend Campbell. Hosted by Patrick DeMarco. Featuring Magister David Harris, Witch Heather Height, Reverend M. A. Mandrake, Witch Cimminnee Holt & Warlock David Ingram. Introduction by Magister Kevin I. Slaughter. Music by Warlock Jeff Bowling.

I organized a roast a year ago that I walked away from for personal reasons. However, the idea of a roast was still something that was close to my heart, and to be fair, Patrick DeMarco, who inspired the original roast, kept the idea in the forefront of my mind. If it weren’t for him, this would never have seen the light of day! Patrick, thank you for your inspiration and contribution, and for putting up with my madness throughout this process. I honestly believe this video is as much a result of my talents, as yours.

To the contributors, thank you very much! You are all amazing talents and truly funny individuals. I would encourage everyone to check out their websites and support these amazing Satanists!