Why The Loser?

A response I received to my last post about Lesser Magic gave me pause. Why is it that people believe there must be a loser when you are manipulating others? The result of Lesser Magic is up to the Satanist. If there is a loser, it’s on you, not Satanic Magic.

I have used Lesser Magic to benefit my kids, my family, my friends and my professional colleagues over myself. Now, doing so almost always benefits me in those cases, but that’s just gravy. When I use Lesser Magic to benefit myself, it is never at the expense of others, meaning they do not regret their interaction with me after the fact. I would argue if people do regret it, you’re doing it wrong!

If you shit on someone to get your way, they will not be malleable to your will the next time. Only burn bridges if you absolutely have no other options, or if the individual is of no value at all. Of which, there are many in this world.

If you are going to be practicing Lesser Magic you had better do your homework first. Know what you want. Know who you must manipulate, and learn how to do it so they think highly of you after it is over. Otherwise, you’re a con, a vampire—you’re the loser!

Hail Satan!