Destroy the Toady

noun, plural toadies.
an obsequious flatterer; sycophant.

I see these pathetic vermin amongst the herd. They are the proverbial weaklings, bitches to their master. The man or woman they revere as some big-bad guy. Someone they want to emulate and champion. They speak for their master. They are the first to get in someone’s face, but are easily swatted away like the annoying mosquito they are.

Why then would any Satanist want one of these rodents around them, or more, why would a Satanist want to BE one!? Have they forgotten what it means to be a Satanist, or did they never know in the first place? I can’t help but wonder how an individual could fall into this position. What is lacking within them that is so twisted and sick as to think they connect with Satanism and behave in stark contrast to it? I can only imagine they are simply fanboys and nothing more.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a fanboy, but at least admit to it so everyone can see that you are nothing more than a parasite. You feed on the authority of others and give away your sense of self to this master whom you have attached.

This is different than having a Sadist and Masochist relationship, as the toadie isn’t being overtly abused as per their liking, they actually think they are as powerful, or slightly sub dominant to their master. They bounce around, barking and gnashing their teeth till the master believes it’s time for them to speak up, then the toadie cowers.

I am certain the Doktor had to deal with these types, and I would be stunned if the Maestro isn’t plagued by them as well. For these men of substance are a beacon for all manner of adorers. But there are those of less accomplishment, of less authority that behind closed doors can cast a long shadow and those in that shadow see them as powerful. The problem with this is it only take turning on the light to reveal how small they truly are. This is often why they refuse to face their own flaws or fight their own battles, prefering to have the toadie do the work for them.

There was a great essay written by Magister Nemo titled Satanism Needs An Enema! ( In it, Nemo addresses ‘satanists’ who believe in an anthropomorphic Satan. I would like to extrapolate this idea of casting out those mentally deficient derelicts and add the toady. If we are to prevent our kind from degenerating into fan clubs, we need to cast these wannabe’s out.

Satanism is about the individual! Satanism is a carnal celebration of power! Satanism is about YOUR real world accomplishment!

If you need a toady, you are not a Satanist! If you are a toady, you are not a Satanist! Stop pretending to be something a little light can dispel.

Hail Satan!