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Pseudo-Satanic Bingo

Pseudo-Satanic Bingo was brought to my attention by Warlock Leuthold. I thought it would be a fantastic exploration in entertainment and education if brought to Speak of the Devil live!

How to Play

At the top of every episode, the first 9 live viewers that comment in the YouTube chat will be assigned one of the 10 cards linked below. The 10th will be assigned to Reverend Campbell. Warlock Leuthold will begin the game, randomly selecting one pseudo-Satanic idea or statement at a time.

He will them present the pseudo-Satanic idea or statement to the audience. The player will need to review their assigned card and mark the specific pseudo-Satanic idea or statement off of their card.

Winning the Game

The goal of the game is to collect 5 pseudo-Satanic ideas or statements in a row on your randomly assigned bingo card linked below. The center skull is free for all players. If you are the first player to collect all five and type out Bingo, we will verify your success and you will have won the game.

The Prize

The prize is secret and completely random. It may be desirable or not. You will be awarded the prize upon confirmation of winning the game. Winners will need to text or email Reverend Campbell with their mailing address for receipt of the prize: +1.801.899.6168 or

Online Bingo Cards

You will need to be able to watch the show live in one internet browser tab or window while marking off your assigned online bingo card in another internet browser tab or window.

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