Satanists on Satanic Cinema Album Cover

Satanists on Satanic Cinema

The Audio Format Beginning

I created Satanists on Satanic Cinema to be a Satanic Film RiffTrax that you would play along with a movie, so the experience would be that of a bunch of Satanic friends sitting around watching a Satanic movie. This format required a lot of work on the user, as they would have to sync up the movie and audio track at the specified times in order to experience them as intended. 

I canceled the format due to the lack of interest and difficulty in experience.

The Video Format Ending

I revived Satanists on Satanic Cinema as a live YouTube, two camera show, where one camera would be on the screen and the other on me and two of my Satanist friends. We would watch one Satanic film a month, broadcast it and interact with the audience. This solved the sync issue the audio version had, but created a new copyright issue.

I cancelled the format because YouTube cancelled too many feeds.

The Future of the Project

At this moment, I am not sure if this will ever become a viable project but I would like to thank everyone who purchased the audio tracks, watched the live shows and have shown support for the show in its various forms. 

Hail Satan!